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Ramplight Media is a web development and video production company based in the metro Phoenix area.  We thrive on creative endeavors and love working with businesses to create compelling messages through digital media.  Here at Ramplight, it is our pledge to create a best in class digital presence for all of our clients.  We do this through state of the art technology, ingenuity, collaboration and creativity.  We work tirelessly to find the message you want to share. We then create the perfect web presence to share that message.

The founders of Ramplight have well over 25 years of combined industry experience in graphic design, web technologies, videography and marketing.  We have created digital content for companies ranging from fortune 500’s  to mom and pop shops and everything in-between.  We understand the vast differences in methodology needed to get the right product seamlessly out to market.  Whether you are on a shoestring budget or have the resources to build a masterpiece,  let Ramplight be your portal to a robust online presence.

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We understand that your web presence is a big part of your corporate identity.  Your website must be something you are proud of.  At Ramplight, we have the tools, expertise and experience to ensure your vision is captured, created and shared via the web.
With over 50 sites built, and counting, we have developed a process for ensuring we get your site built right, the first time.  Through client collaboration, we make sure we understand exactly the final product convey before we start development.  This requires brainstorming sessions, detailed requirements sessions, design sessions. This meticulous pre-work saves our clients both time and money.
Speaking of money, the most commonly asked question we get before we even scratch the surface of a project, “how much is this going to cost”.  For a detailed breakdown of our pricing methodology click below.
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Over the past year, Ramplight Media has worked tirelessly to transition into the world of video production. We continue to hone our craft and broaden our knowledge of this evolving industry by taking on a wide range of production work.  Our largest effort to date is a documentary we are producing chronicling the history of Mesa High School Football.  To learn more about Carry On, click here.
Our approach to video production can be summarized in four steps.

STEP ONE Brainstorming

This step involves one to two sessions with the client, extrapolating key elements of what the final video is meant to accomplish, ideal duration, theme, feel, first cut at  wire framing a script.

STEP TWO: Sketch and Script

All of the information gathered from the brainstorming sessions and we then sketch out the video at a high level, ensuring all elements are captured and in the right sequence.  This sketch also helps formulate the script.  The script is then produced and includes all dialogue and critical scene information.  Its similar to any other script in that it is the final outline by which the production is shot.


Ramplight will then  shoot the video using the latest video technology, focusing on image quality, sound production and lighting.

STEP FOUR:  Editing and Post

This process is where the hard work of scripting and filming come together into a final product.
Ramplight prides itself on producing creative, interesting and compelling content that both moves people and invokes action.  We appreciate clients that understand how important the digital video medium is in todays environment.


We recognize that marketing through social media AND  the web has skyrocketed over the last few years.  It has become a necessity to have a strong social media  presence with a thoughtful approach to getting your message out there.  Ramplight Media understands this and can help you by getting video content out through your social channels.  We understand the marketing platforms that exist via Facebook, Instagram and others, and know how to leverage their huge reach to get your content in front hundreds of thousands of potential clients.
We also recognize content is king.  The more quality content the better.  Through our monthly content plans, we can create a unique video message every month that we then socialize for you.  This takes all the social media confusion and frustration out of your hands.  Contact us today to learn more about how our commercial video marketing can take your business to a new level.